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So the reason for calling this blog 'Writing Time' is not just because I spend a lot of time writing. For a while I've been trying to write a story about Time as a person and have had a lot of the first draft written long before I started this blog ie. I haven't read it through in a while. But when I wrote it, I was more or less happy with it. I'll put it up here bit by bit to get it off my chest, as it were, and add the most recent parts as and when they're ready. Enjoy!


What would happen if one were to banish Time?

Humans think they have control of Time – the invention of watches and clocks, the study of History and the career of a fortune-teller. But actually, Time is controlling them.
Time is everything. Time is honourable, trustworthy, and above all, impeccably punctual.

What if Time were a person? Or how about a mere figure? Something that’s not quite there. It has just slipped your grasp, but also not quite materialised yet, as well as standing before you. Living; breathing.

Time would be a black, smudgy swoosh, like a weak shadow. And as he ‘arrives’ there is no customary ticking noise; no. Just silence. As if he is emerging in a bubble within the Universe that has enveloped you in its loud hush. 

Time is a misunderstood creature; he has a lot to do, and with no Humanistic breaks, lunch hours or holidays. On the other hand, if you gave him a holiday, he’d probably fold it up and put it in his pocket for safe-keeping. Time does so much for us and we reward him with complaints about not seeing him enough and even running out of him. 

The secret to his endless juggling of human doings is a simple pocket watch. * But it is no pocket watch of the people. He has not complicated it with cogs, spinning metal pieces and a really quite annoying ticking noise. His watch is the simplest of watches and he certified this when he crafted it, to aid his work. It consists of a smooth concave disc, much like a watch glass, made from glass ground from Time’s personal sands. It shone like the moon † on a clear night, and was the subject of envy from all of Time’s colleagues.   

In the centre point of the disc was the base of a single arrow spun from crystalline seconds. It hovered in mid-space and occasionally twitched one way or the other. It would turn only once before the Universe ceased to exist, but the movement was not regular. It was powered by balance. The emotional balance of the world and the energy that humans created through everyday choices. Changes in balance were caused by actions of individuals, and these would generally worsen the balance due to their selfish motivation. The worse the balance, the less ‘time’ the Universe had. And very rarely, so ingenious was an action, so influential, so magical and angelic, an action could turn back the clock of the Universe. 

The only other tool that Time harnesses is his insatiable movement. Contrary to the popular saying, under no circumstances has Time stood still. This would no doubt lead to unfathomable consequences of great disaster for all of humanity.

And so is Time: a mysterious smudginess that’s not quite there but already gone. An invention of humans’ stupid minds but a reality as well. A real creature with real feelings and real actions. And for one very insignificant boy on one very insignificant planet, Time was about to be made very real indeed.  

*Even though Time does not physically wear pockets…
†That’s a lie. Moons don’t shine. It is merely the Sun’s light reflecting off the surface of the Moon. Moon’s would be extremely dull without a Sun nearby, so Time’s watch may as well have ‘shone like the Sun’ but that’s not nearly as poetic or mysterious as the Moon.

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