Monday, 31 December 2012

Time for pondering

So over the school term and the holidays I took to short story writing and poetry - the sort of thing that can easily be finished within a spare half-hour and can be fresh. Some of them were completely for entertainment and some of them more meaningful. Here's one of the more slushy ones, I'll try and dig out some of the others in between revision.

What makes the world go around?

People say that money makes the world go around
It stimulates trade, invention, development
But money is too tradable
It leads to power, greed, selfishness

People say that knowledge makes the world go around
It inspires discovery, creation, innovation
But knowledge is too formidable
It destroys feeling, belief, and is not always pleasant

People say that love makes the world go around
It kindles joy, kindness, companionship
But love is too breakable
It ends with betrayal, devastation, emptiness

Love is the ache of a broken heart
Or the trust and affection in a warm embrace
Knowledge is the destruction of feeling and heritage
Or the sudden spark of finding the unknown
Money is a concept engineered for offence and wanting
Or a precious symbol of an unbreakable promise

Life is mixed. The bad and the good.
But without the bad, appreciation of the good is impossible.

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