Thursday, 28 February 2013

'The Little Old Lady' follow up - she is incredible!

I had a surreal experience this morning. The lady who I'd based my 'Little old lady' on was on the bus again this morning, although I'm not sure my initial depiction of her character was completely accurate - First impressions can be deceiving... Once again the bus passed her , but then she RAN down the hill! She literally looks at least in her eighties, and she ran what must have been over half a mile to overtake the bus in moving traffic. She made it, perhaps looking a little flustered than usual, but I felt like like standing and clapping as she got on. It was incredible to think I'd just killed this frail little lady off the night before. All due credit goes her way though, if I can run like that when I'm ninety I shall be well chuffed.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A Little Old Lady

I may condense this into prose sometime, not really sure which is better.

This is inspired by someone who gets on my bus... apologies if she's reading this...

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

What makes the world go around?

This is just me trying to describe the indescribable, as usual. Very moralizing, I know. Lightly edited from last time.

What makes the world go around?
‘Money makes theworld go around,’ they say,
‘It stimulates trade,invention, progress,’
But money is too tradable;
It leads to greed,poverty and power.

‘Knowledge makes theworld go around,’ they say,
‘It inspiresdiscovery, creation, innovation,’
But knowledge is tooformidable,
It destroys feeling,belief. It is thoughtless.

‘Love makes the worldgo around,’ they say,
‘It kindlestenderness, joy, companionship,’
But love is toobreakable.
It ends withbetrayal, devastation, emptiness.

Love is the ache of abroken heart
Or the trust andaffection in a warm embrace
Knowledge is the destructionof feeling and heritage
Or the sudden sparkof finding the unknown
Money is a conceptengineered for offence and wanting
Or a precious symbolof an unbreakable promise

Life is mixed. Thebad and the good.
But without the bad,appreciation of the good is impossible.

Friday, 22 February 2013

The Raven on the Moor

I'd love to say this was inspired by the recent horse meat scandal but it really wasn't...

Poem about Words

Only makes sense really...