Tuesday, 26 February 2013

What makes the world go around?

This is just me trying to describe the indescribable, as usual. Very moralizing, I know. Lightly edited from last time.

What makes the world go around?
‘Money makes theworld go around,’ they say,
‘It stimulates trade,invention, progress,’
But money is too tradable;
It leads to greed,poverty and power.

‘Knowledge makes theworld go around,’ they say,
‘It inspiresdiscovery, creation, innovation,’
But knowledge is tooformidable,
It destroys feeling,belief. It is thoughtless.

‘Love makes the worldgo around,’ they say,
‘It kindlestenderness, joy, companionship,’
But love is toobreakable.
It ends withbetrayal, devastation, emptiness.

Love is the ache of abroken heart
Or the trust andaffection in a warm embrace
Knowledge is the destructionof feeling and heritage
Or the sudden sparkof finding the unknown
Money is a conceptengineered for offence and wanting
Or a precious symbolof an unbreakable promise

Life is mixed. Thebad and the good.
But without the bad,appreciation of the good is impossible.

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