Wednesday, 15 May 2013

My version of a terrible ending

This is not good enough to put up on here but anyway, I had one hour to write (during silent study) and I achieved some complex characters, and an exquisite plot... Then I only had 5 minutes left to wrap it up...

 Once upon a time, while little Baa-Lamb was baa-ing and little Moo-Cow was moo-ing, little Twitch-Hare was twitching, and wondering about the Deep Sea Blue. He had never before caught sight of the Deep Sea Blue, and so had come to the conclusion that the Deep Sea Blue was on holiday for the summer. Little Twitch-Hare wished so very dearly to see the Deep Sea Blue for he had heard many a tale about her. How she swayed in the ocean breeze and glistening in the sunlight. Little Twitch-Hare took his pondering thoughts, hopping over to little Baa-Lamb. Little Baa-Lamb was ever so clever and was bound to know where the Deep Sea Blue had gone.
                “Little Baa-Lamb, where, O where has the Deep Sea Blue gone?” asked little Twitch-Hare, sitting atop little Baa-Lamb’s woolly fleece.
                “I don’t know,” replied little Baa-Lamb. “I’ve only heard what I’ve heard, and seen what I’ve seen, but I haven’t seen anything of late.”
                Little Twitch-Hare’s ear’s drooped. He was no closer to finding the Deep Sea Blue than he was before. Then an idea sprang to mind. He hopped over to little Moo-Cow, for he was the wisest, oldest creature in the land. Surely he must know of the Deep Sea Blue. “Little Moo-Cow, where, O where has the Deep Sea Blue gone?” asked little Twitch-Hare, sitting atop little Moo-Cow’s soft hide.
“I don’t know,” replied little Moo-Cow. “I’ve only seen what I’ve seen, and heard what I’ve heard, but I haven’t heard anything of late.”
Little Twitch-Hare’s ear’s drooped again. “I’ll never find the Deep Sea Blue,” he cried. He gathered his thoughts and hopped over to the stream, to sit and stare at his reflection, considering his life choices.
“I can help you,” said a deep voice, startling poor little Twitch-Hare off his perch.
“Who’s that?” replied little Twitch-Hare.
“Why, I am the River Running Clear, and I lead straight down to the Deep Sea Blue.”
“Oh joy!” cried little Twitch-Hare. And he ran all the way down the River Running Clear and gasped as he saw the Deep Sea Blue glistening in the sunlight. “Oh! how happy I a-“
Unfortunately, little Twitch-Hare was mugged and fatally stabbed by bandits at this point, leaving nothing but a sticky, fluffy mess… circle of life and all that…

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