Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Lonely Cloud

A friend and I spotted a tiny cloud, completely isolated in the sky, and as we watched it seemed to teleport from place to place. It would completely disappear in the space of about 30 seconds, then reappear in the same shape a few metres to the left. Weird. Picture included.

The Lonely Cloud
Cloud was talented, Cloud was cool,
But sometimes Cloud was a bit of a fool.
When the sun was high, or the stars were out,
Cloud would quiet happily wander about,
But on occasion, day or night,
Cloud would vanish, out of sight:
Cloud would steadily grow paler and paler,
At these times, when he saw her,
Until nothing but faint wisps remained,
And he’d reappear elsewhere, completely unchanged.
And his brothers beside him, in the sky,
Could see no reason for him being so shy.
O, how they laughed so, and jeered in his face,
‘Enough!’ he cried, and set off at pace.
Through all the sky he jumped and flew,
To horizons far, and landscapes new.
And now he drifts alone, like a soft, white dove,
Awaiting the sight of his long lost love.

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Anonymous said...

If we knew it was going to teleport we would have taken a picture of the first cloud...then it wouldn't seem too crazy.