Thursday, 9 May 2013


This turned out to be very moral, quite unintentional I assure you. Although the links are somewhat tenuous. May I remind you that 'dense' has two meanings...

Rooted to the Earth or rooted to the sky?

Beneath the Earth, a thousand roots lie
In waiting for the dawn, when a great furnace
Will heat the ground. It is then they seek
New life. Seek the sun. A thousand tributaries meet;
Together they are strong, apart they stay weak.
They unite on their venture upwards,
They form one small leaf, head skywards.
Together, one lean sapling advancing rapidly,
Leaving behind foundations readily.
On and on it grows, thickens and strengthens,
Until one arm decides to challenge, and lengthens.
Others follow, and more still; generations heading for their own perfect light.
Unbeknown to those above, they mirror those below;
A thousand little ends. Weak, they succumb to the Northern breeze,
And rustle incessantly. And yet together, as a whole, not as one,
They create a vast networking globe,
Full. Rich. And dense.

What makes us who we are? Where our foundations lie, or where we end?


Anonymous said...

That seems to me like the trees are forming armies and the end of the world is nigh...then again, that could just be my outlook... :)

Naomi Cook said...

Yeah, for once I was going for a particular slant on society and human shallowness, and the advantages to working together... team spirit and all that... Obviously this didn't work.