Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Darkness

This is another product of a writing prompt, which was: Your protagonist awakes in a totally dark room in which s/he is unable to see anything. Write about what this protagonist experiences being sure to include a detailed description of the things this character touches, hears, smells and tastes in the darkness. I sort of tailed off into a whole separate short story that I came up with on the spot but hey...

Clara awoke to the damp smell of rotting flesh and immediately felt a searing pain shoot up her leg. She blinked but only saw darkness. She was blind. They’d ripped her eyes out for sure. Then she remembered the painful moments before she’d blacked out. After the questioning, they’d dragged her down multiple tunnels, descending deeper into the earth and thrown her roughly into a pitch black cell. Maybe she wasn’t blind then. Even so, the darkness bore deep into her eyes leaving nothing to suggest otherwise.

She wondered if she was alone. “Hello?” she called softly into the darkness, but there was no reply other than her own shaky voice echoing back at her. She felt around on the ground trying to paint a picture of her surroundings, the ground where she lay was dusty, but definitely made from compacted earth, and was slightly uneven where many had trodden before. She tried to stand but her leg would allow it. She slumped back down and reached to her calf to assess the damage. Her fingers met with warm, sticky blood